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About Us
We are a privately owned company located in Pennsylvania. Our roots are in Funeral Service, being long time co-owners of local funeral homes, having served thousands of client families.

My wife and I ( Sherrie and Michael ) have always looked for ways to help others. We participate in many organizations and serve on numerous Boards of Directors.

Sherrie, 44, has been fighting stage 4 Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Cancer these past 6 years and 5 months. We count our blessings and strive to find other treatments to continue to try.

Dealing with her illness has led us to meet others in similar situations. In my work, I deal daily with a family preparing in advance for a death of someone with Cancer or a death that just occurred.

We have learned that individuals want to tell others about the life their loved one lived. This needs to be done in an economical way that is easy to do, no matter how good you are with computers.

This is exactly what we offer, not only ease of use but, a NO COST TO TRY IT deal that can't be beat.
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